YouRulz™ (Pronounced “your rules”) is a cutting-edge fantasy sports platform built to provide users with long desired improvements that give users a true custom experience.

YouRulz created a feature set that is unmatched in the industry today, with features such as in-game substitutions allowing users to swap players during games just like the coach on the field. With an issued patent (PTO#10737182), these features cannot be duplicated by our competition (without penalty) and will drive our customer acquisition strategy. The company is working to add more features with added dynasty league settings, additional interactive features in the application, and partnerships with data providers to offer more statistics and projections in one location than any of our competitors – creating that true unique user experience.

Private Company

Company History


YouRulz was founded out of frustration with stale, non-responsive systems that don’t provide all of the tools and features a player needs to truly be a team manager. The first innovative feature the company targeted was in-game substitutions. Once the technology was perfected, the company applied for, and was granted a patent for the in-game substitution feature. The company was granted an additional patent during the summer of 2021 also around the substitution technology.