Gotanda Denshi’s MIRAI-TOUCH for Android to be the First Sales Promotion Tool Utilizing Samsung’s GALAXY Tab™ in Japan

Seeing a rapid growth in Android usage, Gotanda Denshi Co.,ltd. has launched the first-in-Japan physical store sales promotion tool “MIRAI-TOUCH for Android” utilizing Samsung’s GALAXY Tab™. - December 04, 2010

Francfranc Japan Implements "MIRAI-TOUCH for iPad" Countrywide

Japanese interior design giant Francfranc successfully implemented the iPad technology based sales promotion system “MIRAI-TOUCH for iPad” designed by Gotanda Denshi Co., ltd. in 50 of their stores countrywide last month. - October 10, 2010

NEWYORKER Sees 14% Item Sales Growth Upon MIRAI-TOUCH Implementation

MIRAI-TOUCH Sales Promotion System showing results: 14% item sales growth at NEWYORKER Japan Stores. - September 26, 2010

"MIRAI-TOUCH for iPad;" the World’s First In-Store Sales Promotion Solution Corresponding with iPad Technology

Japanese Company to Revolutionize Use of iPad for Businesses. - July 28, 2010

MIRAI-TOUCH Now with Multi-Language Support for Foreign Customer and Visitor Care

Gotanda Denshi Co., ltd. now developing multi-language support for their in-store sales enhancing software solution MIRAI-TOUCH, targeting businesses that offer goods and services to foreign customers and visitors. - July 28, 2010

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