IT-Development Announces DelCom SRO is the First Contracting Company to Use ClickOnSite, Its Innovative Online Network Rollout Application

Solution significantly improves customer experience, streamlines operations and reduces costs. - May 09, 2008

New Contract for DelConsulting: On-Site Quality Audits

Mobistar has awarded a new contract for checking the site construction and the equipment installation to DelConsulting. - February 26, 2008

Delconsulting Launches an Affiliate Program

DelConsulting offers a new service with its affiliate program, where partners are invited to promote into the telecom sector the company’s business for monetary rewarding. - September 06, 2007

Orange Cote d’Ivoire Adopts ClickOnSite Rollout Management Tool

DelConsulting supports ClickOnSite, the site management and maintenance system, which recorded a new sale to Orange Cote d’Ivoire. - August 17, 2007

DelConsulting’s Intranet: an Efficient Tool to Keep in Touch with Consultants

DelConsulting is keeping daily contact with consultants thanks to its efficient intranet. - July 18, 2007

Increasing Demand for Telecom Experts on the African GSM Market

DelConsulting puts the African telecom market in the heart of its strategy, as this sector knows a spectacular development. - June 21, 2007

DelConsulting and AllForSite Join Efforts in Setting Up a Customer Care Department

DelConsulting and AllForSite have joined their customer care departments to maximize cost effectiveness, bring higher level of services and increase customer satisfaction. - March 03, 2007

DelConsulting Faces Asian Telecommunication Market Needs

With the continuous growth of the Asian and especially of the Chinese market, DelConsulting increases and develops further business on this continent. - February 07, 2007

DelConsulting Supports the Desperate Freelancer

DelConsulting is supporting a new blog: The Desperate Freelancer. Charles, the blogger, entertains consultants with his ironic and incisive articles about the consulting world. - January 18, 2007

Color and Happiness to Celebrate the New Year with Delconsulting

DelConsulting illustrates its performances and celebrate the New year with Joop96 and artist playing with bright color. - December 19, 2006

DelCom BV. has Chosen Experts & Partners

To simplify financial arrangements reducing fiscal pressure, Delcom BV has chosen Expert and Partner, which is able to offer fiscally fiscally advantageous business outsourcing services. - November 10, 2006

2000 Consultants in Delconsulting Network

Today, DelCom BV has announced that its application database has reached 2000 resumes of highly skilled and experienced Telecom technicians, engineers, and managers. Louis Remy who is in charge of recruitment marks that most of the applicants hold positions in network rollout even though the... - October 21, 2006

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