Hailed as Top Performer in International Flight Searches

Blogs Take Note of Powerful New Travel Meta-Search Engine - June 27, 2009 Trivia Game Shows Travelers Better Options

Game shines light on the liberation of the online travel industry. - June 18, 2009

Where to Book Travel: Making Sense of Online Travel Sites

Making sense of all of the online travel search sites: how are they different and which sites are the best? Evelyn Meier of explains the different types of travel search engines, and which sites will offer the most comprehensive airfare and hotel results. - June 11, 2009

Trax Announces Official Launch of Travel Meta-Search Engine with a Twist

New travel aggregator website intensifies competition with comprehensive, non-biased travel search. launches out of beta, offering travelers a powerful meta-search engine that compares rates across more than 200 travel suppliers. - June 04, 2009

Travel Insiders Say Recession is Time to Take High-End Trips for Less

While the recession lasts, travel insiders from recommend taking advantage of dramatic discounts on typically high-priced vacations. Head to Disney, book a luxury ski trip, and catch a few Broadway shows, all for record low prices. - May 31, 2009 Earns Critical Acclaim from Blogger Community

Grassroots Sites Take Notice of New Travel Meta-Search Engine - May 22, 2009

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