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Blue Sky Biotech, Inc.

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Blue Sky Biotech, Inc.



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Tissue Culture & Fermentation
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Tissue Culture & Fermentation

Scale-up of E. coli in 10-L/55-L bioreactors
Scale-up of yeasts in multiple 10-L bioreactors
Scale-up of insect-cell and mammalian expression in bioreactors
Optimization of expression in bioreactors
Process development for fermentation
Perfusion and microcarrier culture
Batch, fed-batch, and continuous culture
Intracellular and secreted products
Stable Cell line production
Membrane preparation
Life for the protein scientist would be very easy if every protein could be purified in hundred-milligram quantities from small-scale flask cultures of E. coli.Unfortunately, many proteins require expression in animal-cell systems and culture scale-up.

Blue Sky scientists will take care of the frustrating, laborious work of tissue culture- our clients can save their time for true scientific investigation instead of spending hours ensuring that cultures stay healthy and contamination-free. We have a great deal of experience with insect-cell lines, and in our past work we have grown dozens of different mammalian cell lines.

In similar fashion, Blue Sky will save its clients a great deal of time with bioprocess scale-up services. Using bioreactors, Blue Sky scientists will quickly deliver large quantities of cell paste or conditioned medium.


Our most common services include the following:

Insect-cell culture (Sf9, Sf21, HighFive, Drosophila Schneider S2, and other lines)
Production and amplification of recombinant baculoviruses in insect cells
Process development in baculovirus expression
Culture, transient and stable transfection, and subcloning of common mammalian cell lines (293, CHO, COS, 3T3, HeLa, and others.
Scale-up of bacterial and yeast cultures in laboratory-scale (up to 10-L) bioreactors
Scale-up of insect-cell and mammalian cultures in laboratory-scale (up to 10-L) bioreactors
Monoclonal antibody production from established hybridoma lines


Less-common services:

Culture, transient and stable transfection, and subcloning of less-common mammalian cell lines
Perfusion culture of animal cells

If you need a service which you do not see on this list, please contact us. In most cases, we will be able to perform it for you!

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