Embracing the Truth: a News Reporting Website, the Spartan Truth, is Set to Provide Readers with News from All Angles, with a Discussion Forum for Live, Rational Debate

A news reporting website has been published to provide people with the news from all angles.

Charlotte, NC, October 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- With the presidential elections reaching a heated climax, many people feel that many news networks are not reporting the full truth about the candidates or the issues, for that matter. This is why certain people are taking it upon themselves to do what they feel the news agencies should have done all along: report the news.

Nick Polyzos, one of the founding members of the The Spartan Truth, a non-profit organization, is starting the website. The domain name, www.spartantruth.org, was purchased on September 24.

"After watching how some of the news agencies are manufacturing most of their news reports, especially partisan elections and divisive issues, it became very disturbing to me that there had to be an outlet where the news is reported fairly and with an unbiased eye", said Polyzos. "We are starting this website to report it from all sides of the story, as well as to expose the current slant in stories."

Polyzos, along with Patrick Slusser and Jordan "JT" Dupuis of Charlotte, North Carolina, are starting the site, to ensure that news is reported fairly and without bias. The website will invite people from all areas of the political spectrum to participate in reporting stories on issues, as well as an open debate forum.

"This is the best example of democracy at work. People coming together from all corners of the countries, from different party affiliations and ideologies, to talk and debate the current issues of everyday America", stated Polyzos.

The website is under construction at the moment. Launching of the Spartan Truth's website is set for early October.

The Spartan Truth
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