WebFQ.com Launches Beta, a Revolutionary Technology for Browsing the Web Compared to Traditional Google and Yahoo

WebFQ.com launches its website for beta. WebFQ.com is based on a patent pending Web Frequency technology, which combines precise and deterministic searching methodology to revolutionize the ease of use for the Web.

San Jose, CA, October 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- WebFQ.com, a Silicon Valley based company today launches its WebFQ.com website for beta. WebFQ.com introduces a unique and simple Web browsing interface, eliminating the unwanted rows and columns of menus and side-bars, cluttering most websites. The revolutionary interface is based on patent pending Web frequency technology.

Web frequency technology is simple and easy to use. Browsing the Web is a snap. Imagine you are dialing a phone number, tuning to a radio station, or pressing a television channel, you dial a Web frequency. Web information related to the Web frequency will be immediately available. With Web frequencies, users do not need to type nor remember names or URL strings.

Web frequency technology allows users to browse and search Web information; while WebFQ.com assists merchants to advertise their businesses.

WebFQ.com further allows users to selectively filter out information based on locations and sub frequencies similar to Radio listing or digital television sub-channel selection. By using frequency numbers, users do not need to have to type search strings, browse, select and sort as they are doing today using traditional Web Browsers.

WebFQ.com also brings location based advertising to reality by using locations based frequencies reaching to users in an accurate, precise and deterministic way. Advertised merchandises, services and classifieds can be categorized using simple Web frequencies. By combining the location information and the simple-to-use Web frequencies in a single browser, businesses can target any segment of customers, no matter they are local, regional or national.

Dr. Chifai Ho, VP of Business Development said we are delighted to bring our unique and simple Web frequency technology to users. With WebFQ.com, we are introducing a new and revolutionary Web experience for all users to browse and locate desired information quickly and accurately.

WebFQ.com is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit www.webfq.com. For press inquires and more information, please send email to info@webfq.com.

Chifai Ho