Super Cheap Deals on Unlocked Cell Phones from Cellhut

One of the internet's leading seller of unlocked phones is highlighting some of the very cheap unlocked cell phones available.

Super Cheap Deals on Unlocked Cell Phones from Cellhut
New York, NY, October 04, 2008 --( Now that a great collection of next-generation phones have been released, it’s about time to focus on the phones that feature streamlined applications and don’t depend on the latest technologies. Cellhut is proud to announce these completely new phone deals to the customers who want a good deal but don't want to sacrifice.

Cellhut has been selling unlocked cellphones since 1996. The e-commerce website has grown alongside the advent of new mobile technology. Always a company to stay abreast on new phone development, Cellhut makes every attempt to stock the latest phones at the lowest prices.

There are rotating deals featured on the Cellhut website and every day a few discounts are posted. This new line-up of deals features great manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, and HTC.

The LG ME770 Shine is available for $132.99. This supremely well-designed candybar phone features many fantastic features including a 2 Megapixel Camera, a display screen 1.7-inches long, and a great MMS messaging service. The silver color complete with blue accents is a serious head-turner and its fashion-forward design means that it will never go out of style.

The Motorola W375 is available for $79.99. This is the ultimate flip phone for people on a budget. There aren’t any unnecessary features included. Only the integral elements of call-making and texting are including which streamlined the entire process of dealing with the phone. The build quality of this phone deserves a note, because it is composed of materials that are meant to last years and years.

The Sony Ericsson Z310i is available for $99.98. This clamshell design does away with the traditional style that other cell phones employ and charges ahead with its own individuality. This Tri-Band phone supports EDGE, GPRS and a crystal clear LCD screen.

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