UberDrive Magazine Premiere Issue Released

"Adventures for Automotive Enthusiasts" is what readers will find within the digital covers of Uberdrive Magazine.

Mississauga, Canada, October 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Donald G. Roy, Managing Editor of UberDrive Magazine, announced today the release of the Premiere issue of the new digital magazine for automotive enthusiasts everywhere.

Available online in a flipbook format, or as a downloadable PDF file, UberDrive Magazine brings a unique perspective for automotive enthusiasts, regardless of the make, model or type of vehicle they own - or the number of wheels on it for that matter.

"There is something in common across all true enthusiasts. They are actively involved with their vehicles, whether they show, cruise, race, or tour. They drive their cars... or bikes... or trucks... or sleds... purely for the enjoyment of it. What's more, true enthusiasts are fully capable of enjoying the exploits of others, regardless of the vehicle involved."

"UberDrive Magazine is a new digital publication written by enthusiasts, for enthusasts. We call it an Adventure Guide for those that love to Do stuff. Unlike 'lifestyle' magazines, UberDrive concentrates on knowledge, activity and accomplishment in our modern world and the new challenges we all face," Roy continued.

The Premiere Issue of UberDrive Magazine presents 104 pages of Adventures for the Automotive Enthusiast. Hot rides, interesting destinations, contemporary technology and coming developments will be regularly covered in each issue. Even before the release of the Premiere Issue, new contributors have been lining up to provide interesting and engaging content for future issues. For the first three issues, the magazine will be released on a bi-monthly basis. It is planned that after this, the publication will go onto a monthly release schedule.

Subscriptions to the publication are complimentary and available by visiting the web site.

UberDrive Magazine
Donald Roy