Super Secret Sale on Unlocked Phones from Cellhut

One of the internet's leading sellers of unlocked phones is hosting a secret sale on a select number of devices.

Super Secret Sale on Unlocked Phones from Cellhut
New York, NY, October 09, 2008 --( With so many great discounts available at Cellhut sometimes it’s a little hard to keep track of them. Daily deals are being posted everyday and the constant refresh of sales means that there is always a fantastic price to be had even on the latest phones. Now Cellhut is proud to announce the arrival of its first Super Secret Sale with deals being posted nowhere else, other than the website.

Cellhut has been selling unlocked cell phones and accessories as an e-commerce website since 1996. No other company on the internet sells more phones at lower prices than Cellhut does. Cellhut is committed to delivering the best selection of unlocked cell phones in order to match you with the perfect device.

While Cellhut may stock the latest phones from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, and Sony, often times these devices can become a little expensive. They take advantage of cutting-edge technology to give the user the most powerful device possible.

Many users don’t need all these features and are content with the simple ability to make calls and write text messages. For those individuals, this Super Secret Sale is an event just for them.

The Sony Ericsson K550I is available for $154.99. This candybar is packed with great features and looks good to boot. Some of its features include a 2 Megapixel Camera, EDGE compatability, mp3 playback, internal memory, and Bluetooth support.

The Motorola W375 available for $69.99 is a flip phone that doesn’t act like one. It has a diverse line-up of features and a clear display that makes navigating the contact list a breeze. It features a VGA camera to preserve those special moments and an FM radio to rock out on the go.

The Samsung E746 is available for $99.99. This slim phone is dedicated to providing entertainment and productivity on the go. A great camera and organizational features give this an edge over other budget phones.

These and other unlocked cell phones are available from Cellhut at

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