Faith Logistics Launches Nation's First Tuition-Free Truck Driving School

Faith Logistics is the first organization in the Nation providing tuition-free commercial truck driving training to those who have been incarcerated as a viable way of reducing recidivism.

Turlock, CA, October 15, 2008 --( Faith Logistics, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is proud to announce the launching of the Nation’s first tuition free commercial truck driving school. With a mission to reach out to those who have been incarcerated, Faith Logistics provides the skills and knowledge for students to obtain a commercial drivers license as well as assisting with job placement. Faith Logistics believes that by providing holistic, community-based training and education to rehabilitated former inmates, we can significantly reduce recidivism, crime, and ultimately the financial burden of incarceration on taxpayers.

Faith Logistics was founded by Mr. Dave Dein, an elementary school teacher who also has been involved in the transportation industry for over 20 years. Mr. Dein’s love of teaching combined with his passion for commercial trucks led him to share God’s love with those who are often marginalized. Mr. Dein states, “It is really hard on these people once they are released as they are really being punished twice. Not only do they serve their time, but when they are released they are often punished again by society that won’t give them a second chance. With California having a recidivism rate of over 70% it is clear that more has to be done with re-entry of inmates or as a society we will end up paying the true consequence. With the cost of housing a prisoner escalating to over $42,000 a year, it is evident that more focus is put on re-entry programs.”

Marco, Faith Logistics’ first student, has been training 8 hours a day with the help and oversight of volunteer instructors. After passing his DMV written test to obtain his permit, Marco has been receiving behind-the-wheel training in all aspects of commercial driving with a key focus on safety. Mr. Dein adds, “Marco has been a dedicated student who greatly appreciates this opportunity to better his life. I am proud to have Marco as our first student as he will be role model to future student drivers.”

A pivotal point in the successful launching of commercial driver program was the donation of training equipment from local businesses. “We were blessed with the donation of 1994 Peterbilt and a 45’ flatbed trailer along with the financial support of family and friends to turn a vision into reality,” states Mr. Dein. With the driving program firmly established, Faith Logistics is now committed in meeting its second goal of creating a one-year paid internship to students that graduate from the driver program. Mr. Dein adds, “The internship program would provide valuable on-the-job experience that enables students to move into higher paid driving positions, while at the same time generating revenue that would enable Faith Logistics to financially sustain itself.” Faith Logistics is currently searching for businesses that are interested in making real changes in real lives through the donation equipment that would be used to expand its current fleet.

For additional information on Faith Logistics, please visit or contact Mr. Dave Dein, Founder and CEO at 209-648-3003

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