New Book on Haiti by Jean-Max Andre; an Analytical Study of the History of Haiti from 1492 to 1988

Window Into The Eyes of a Lone Black Nation is an analytical study of the history of Haiti. This study was done in a way you could have never imagine; as the author enters the mind, thought process, and rationale of slaves and their peculiar allegiance to Voodooism during the emancipation movement.

Fortt Lauderdale, FL, October 15, 2008 --( Jean-Max Andre, the author of Window Into The Eyes of a Lone Black Nation, has just completed one of the most intriguing analytical studies on Haiti; and his conclusion is that the Haiti we know today as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere is nothing more than a casualty of its own ideology.

In preparation for his project, Jean-Max ask the History Books a number of questions. Questions like: how can a nation of exclusively former slaves govern itself? How would the world around Haiti handle the world first All Black Republic in the mist such a progressive White Supremacy movement? Who among this former, forcibly illiterate population would carry the burden of educating the next generation... but most importantly: who would form a trade partnership with the Lone Black Nation? or who would continue to do business with it now that it was no longer a colony?

The questions were endless for the all Black Nation Jean-Max says in his project --- and answers each question with historical facts and psychological analysis.

Window Into The Eyes of a Lone Black Nation can be purchased by visiting the writer’s storefront at, for now; and soon the project will be available throughout all your major book retailers like: Barnes&, Borders,, et cetera; including your various local public libraries.

Jean-Max Andre
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