Syncopate Expands DJ-Based Entertainment Programs

Los Angeles, CA, October 31, 2008 --( Syncopate International, a firm offering innovative team building exercises using music and interactive DJ training workshops, announced today it has expanded its product line to include entertainment products including “Celebrity DJ” and “DJ Your Own Party”.

"This couldn't come at a better time. Parties are in need of something new and exciting, and Syncopate has created it." noted Linda Viviani, CEO of Viviani Inc, a luxury event planning and destination management company. The process is simple: Attendees first learn the fundamentals of DJing and scratching using state of the art digital equipment with a professional DJ instructor and spin the song live at their event. By utilizing a digital media library, Syncopate event attendees choose from thousands of songs and soon become the “life of the party”.

“Syncopate’s events have been attracting major US corporations, such as Google, Levis, Yahoo! And the San Francisco Giants, that are looking for a creative and unique programs to offer their employees and attendees at their events,” said Thoryn Stephens, founder of Syncopate. “With our program, music is not a spectator sport from the sidelines, our participants get one-to-one expert DJ instruction on how to produce or perform their favorite song at their own live event. Our celebrity DJs teach participants to become the “celebrity DJs” of their event.”

Cyrus Krohn, senior director of product management at Yahoo! Inc. said, “I would recommend everybody do a team building exercise with Syncopate. Their workshops showed us first-hand that making music is a great way to inspire even a skeptical corporate crowd.”

Syncopate has trained executive teams and employee groups from companies big and small, including Microsoft, Adobe, Levi-Strauss, Yahoo!, Sony, and The Gap. Syncopate also provides pro bono workshops in conjunction with non-profit groups such as the New York-based Reciprocity Foundation, in order to bring music to the lives of those less privileged.

About Syncopate International
Syncopate creates and produces interactive workshops for executives, team leaders and team members of leading corporations. Syncopate programs start with music, the universal language, and use rhythm and harmony – the elemental components of music – to explore individual and team dynamics. Clients include Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Levi-Strauss, Yahoo!, Sony, The Gap and Blue Shield, among others. For more information, visit Syncopate’s website at


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