New Survey Shows Teens Deeply Concerned About Election Issues and Civic Engagement, But Most Say They Would Not Want to be President

Atlanta, GA, November 01, 2008 --( Results released this week from a survey of U.S. teens shows they are deeply concerned about civic engagement and issues around our upcoming presidential election, but most would not want to be President and they say education is the most important issue we face.

Survey: Teens Don’t Want to be President
The most striking result from the survey: 64 percent would Not want to be President of the United States. This represents an increase from the same survey conducted before the 2004 election when 57 percent said they did not want to be President.

The survey was conducted by Boys & Girls Clubs of America as part of a series of national Teen Town Hall meeting on youth issues.

Other Survey Highlights:
-- 43% say good character and strong ethics are the most important attributes of the U.S. President. Other important attributes: the ability to inspire people (22%), education (21%), experience in foreign policy (5%) and a successful track record in government (10%).
-- 32% say making sure our young people are well-educated is the most important issue facing the U.S.
-- A majority (53%) of teens are only “somewhat” optimistic about the future of the U.S. over the next decade.
-- Drugs and Alcohol abuse (21%), and teen pregnancy (20%) are two important issues facing teens that they feel the candidates are Not addressing.
-- More than half (57%) have watched at least one of the candidate debates.

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