College Educational Website Shares the Wealth this Holiday Season

Do to the struggling economy the amount of donations to the needy this holiday season may unfortunately suffer a significant decline. In order to lessen the damaging blow that many needy families may face this year an online company in Indianapolis, IN plans to significantly increase its giving efforts….But here’s the catch. It’s up to college and universities students to decide just how much food, diapers, clothes and books they plan to donate.

Indianapolis, IN, December 05, 2008 --( rewards college students for academic submissions with new coats for homeless, books for underprivileged children, diapers for needy infants and food for the hungry this holiday season.

Isleptthroughclass proves to be more than a college educational resource this holiday season. The site, traditionally known for allowing college students to share lecture notes, search for internships and set up study groups, will shift its focus to other charitable forms of sharing. From November 24th through December 24th will donate funds to various charities based on the number of members that log in and submit notes, a promotion known as S.T.A.R. (students taking action for relief).

“isleptthroughclass is a member-focused site. The idea of allowing our members to determine how much we donate goes hand in hand with our mission,” says Ryan Sapp, founder. The site was started when Ryan realized the life of a student athlete came with a lot of university sanctioned absences but no lecture notes for those missed classes. Keeping his grades up was more difficult than expected, thus emerged isleptthroughclass.

The site is meant to be an educational resource that accompanies going to class. The site’s name was meant to be memorable to and identifiable with students however the focus of the site is topic clarification, study group assistance, tutoring, and its student life blog. With over 10,000 current members, the site has gained immense popularity among college students both for the availability of current notes and the gift card rewards they receive for activity on the site.

The site’s traffic continues to climb at a rapid rate. The S.T.A.R. promotion will increase the traffic and content of the site, all while making a difference in the lives of its employees, members, and communities. That makes for a happy holiday.

Isleptthroughclass, LLC
Arik J. Flanders