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At a loss for words? Not for long thanks to, a unique site that makes available all-occasion poetry in text, screensaver and video. Choose from a variety of poems including the featured “Happy New Year 2009 poem,” name poems, thank you poems, graduation poems, birthday poems, funeral poems, relationship poems and special occasion poems.

New South Wales, Australia, December 14, 2008 --( “PoemVidz is the first site of its kind that offers poetry not only in text and video but also in screensaver,” PoemVidz founder Lama Kalla said. With it is very easy to send someone special a thought or two no matter what the occasion is. And even if you do not have even one poetic bone in your body, you can easily choose from the different categories of poems from

There are things you want to say but just could not say it using the ordinary everyday language. Sometimes, people have a tendency to say words that do not really fluently express their feelings and what they really want to say. At times like these, when you are at a loss for words, PoemVidz will help you say what you mean.

A poem, no matter its length, can describe a feeling, an event, or an object in an expressive manner. The linguistic elements of a poem embodies the substance of what you really feel and want to express way beyond the traditional sentence structure that everyone is so used to. Furthermore, poetry is universal and it appeals to everyone.

“Not only does cover every occasion but it also allows you to customize your poem by changing the images or the music that accompany your poem video or screensaver,” Kalla said. “We can write a special poem for you using your own choice of images and music,” Kalla added.

PoemVidz editor and senior writer Will Curl said “no one will write a personalized poem for their customer at the price that we offer; there is very little we cannot write poetry about for our customer.” All poetry in text is offered for free while poetry in video and screensaver comes at a very reasonable price.

What is special about is its intention to make this world a better place for everyone including children with autism. You can help further the cause through donation and by availing of the special poem especially for children.

“We are creating a poem especially for them and will be selling the screensaver and video version of it,” Kalla said. Fifty percent of the proceeds of the poem sales will go to an autistic school in Australia. There will be a new poem theme every six months and the proceeds will go to a different children foundation every time it is updated.

“At PoemVidz our poetry is new and continually written fresh; we write from the heart and we operate our site from the heart and this we believe is the glue that bonds us with our customers and sets us apart from the rest,” Curl said.

You can also avail of the “Tell a Friend” feature of, which allows you to pass on the inspiration to at least three of your friends. Once your friends accept your gift of poetry you will qualify for a free gift in the form of a featured screen saver poem.

Poetry is a gift and those who are blessed with the wonderful gift of words are better off sharing this gift with others. This is the very reason why will be launched this December. So if poetry blows your mind away but just could not find the words to say to express what you feel, turn to PoemVidz. It is just a click away.

Will Curl
You can also reach Lama Kalla, Poemvidz founder at 61 422 182 939 (mobile)