Cactus Commerce Welcomes the Availability of Microsoft Commerce Server 2009

Las Vegas, NV, March 20, 2009 --( Cactus Commerce announced today its partnership with Microsoft Corp. has resulted in the availability of Microsoft Commerce Server 2009. In August of 2007, Cactus Commerce signed an agreement with Microsoft to become the joint development partner for Microsoft Commerce Server. This partnership includes collaboration on product engineering, partner ecosystem development, marketing, pre-sales, services and support. Commerce Server 2009 is the first major product release under this joint development partnership.

Commerce Server 2009 is a complete and extensible e-commerce platform that powers cross channel solutions for B2C, B2B and B2X scenarios. Commerce Server 2009 provides organizations with powerful out-of-the-box capabilities designed to create rich online shopping experiences.

“In today’s retail environment, where consumers have more choice and control over how they interact with a brand, organizations must include social, mobile and other cross-channel shopping options. Commerce Server 2009 offers organizations the ability to increase loyalty, brand awareness, and extend audience reach by delivering a more consistent and connected shopping experience to consumers — whether that experience is in-store, via the Web or on a mobile device,” said Steven Goulet, Product Unit Manager for Microsoft Commerce Server at Microsoft.

Commerce Server 2009 features a new Multi-channel Commerce Foundation, SharePoint Commerce Services, and interoperability with the Microsoft ecosystem including Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Expression, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Windows Live ID. “Commerce Server 2009 enables organizations to focus on what’s important - the customer shopping experience. This focus is further supported by the ability to work with social and Web 2.0 community features and capabilities to engage and interact with consumers,” explains Jean-Yves Martineau, CTO and Founder of Cactus Commerce.

Under Microsoft’s direction and stringent product quality controls, Cactus Commerce built the Multi-channel Commerce Foundation which offers a new unified programming model to enable true cross channel development. Using a single API, developers can rapidly create shopping experiences for multiple channels – like mobile, kiosks and the Web. This offers increased agility and compressed time to market, helping organizations save money on site development while focusing on the customer experience.

As part of Commerce Server 2009, SharePoint Commerce Services ships with more than 30 different Web parts and controls. These Web parts offer a building-block approach within SharePoint Products and Technologies to deliver contemporary e-commerce Web site functionality. The integration with SharePoint Products and Technologies also offers an out-of-the-box site and templating features for rapid site creation. For merchandisers and marketers, seamless content management controls make it easy to update Web site content, catalogs and marketing campaigns.

“Consumers today expect a seamless experience regardless of where they buy. At the same time, retailers realize that superior experiences drive loyalty and sales – of critical importance in the current economic climate,” said David Gruehn, U.S. retail industry solutions director, Microsoft Corp. “With powerful out-of-the-box capabilities and built-in Web 2.0 features, Commerce Server 2009 helps retailers address these issues head-on, creating true multi-channel experiences for their customers.”

“The value of the joint partnership between Cactus and Microsoft is realized in this release of Commerce Server 2009,” said Tony Marinelli, Cactus Commerce Chief Executive Officer. “We are extremely pleased to have delivered a robust, highly scalable e-commerce platform to Microsoft, its partners and its customers.”

Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 will appear on the Microsoft price list effective April 1, 2009.

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Cactus Commerce designs, develops, and manages rich and robust end-to-end e-commerce solutions for major retailers, consumer goods companies, and manufacturers throughout North America.

In August of 2007, Cactus Commerce signed an agreement with Microsoft Corporation to become the joint development partner for Microsoft Commerce Server, including collaboration on product engineering, partner ecosystem development, marketing, pre-sales, services and support. The long-term strategic partnership reinforces continued focus, investment and commitment to lead innovation for the e-commerce marketplace on a global scale. Together, as part of a long-term technology roadmap, Cactus Commerce will partner with Microsoft to deliver platform enhancements and complementary solution accelerators focused on technology and industry deployment scenarios. For more information, visit

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