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Spiritual-Short-Stories.com has managed to cross 350 spiritual stories and parables, having some of the largest and most prevalent online resources of its kind.

Vancouver, WA, March 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Spiritual Short Stories announces the expansion of its online spiritual stories and parables website, dedicated to people seeking spiritual short stories.

With over 350 stories and an up to date newsletter that people can use to receive stories directly in their email, Spiritual Short Stories is the internet’s leading website of its kind. Another very important feature of this website is the ability to send free e-cards to friends and family.

The impressive amount of spiritual stories is backed up by an on-topic collection of reviews on spiritual books and movies. Having such informative features, the Spiritual Short Stories website has quickly turned into a community.

According to Epictetus "We are disturbed not by what happens to us, but by our thoughts about what happens". In the same way, the website Spiritual Short Stories has the objective of presenting the truth about several natural elements by outlining real facts and spiritual stories.

"My hope is to encourage, guide, and assist others as they try to learn more about themselves on their own unique spiritual paths" said Chris Cade, owner and founder of the Spiritual Short Stories website. With such a large project, Chris is always up to date with the latest facts and spiritual stories, which is one reason why the website contains some of the highest quality content of its kind.

If you are looking to give a very special, spiritual gift to your loved ones then Spiritual Short Stories can help you as a brand new Spirituality Store is up and running. The most popular gifts range from posters and calendars up to mugs and magnets, turning the job of choosing the right gift into a very easy one.

For more information and to read spiritual stories online, you can visit http://www.Spiritual-Short-Stories.com

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