Transgender Founder of Sirius XM Satellite Radio Interviewed in Movie Produced by Mohr Productions, Inc.

When director Sandra Mohr decided to make a film about the recent economic meltdown she had no idea she would soon meet one of the most unique and brilliant individuals on the planet.

Hollywood, CA, September 18, 2009 --( "Stock Shock" which follows the collapse of Sirius XM stock, introduces the satellite radio's founder: Martine Rothblatt--formerly known as Martin Rothblatt. In 1994 Rothblatt, a male-to-female transsexual, underwent sex reassignment surgery and changed her name to Martine Aliana Rothblatt. She has since become a vocal advocate of transgenderism and later founded United Therapeutics in 1996. "She literally has an understanding of science that ranges from the vastness of the stars, to the microscopic world of cellular biology," says the director. "She is one of the most interesting and evolved people I have ever met."

"Stock Shock" also interviews individual Sirius XM investors who say they lost billions in stock value due to questionable corporate decisions made after Rothblatt sold her stake in the company. Other Sirius XM shareholders blame alleged stock market manipulation and naked short selling for their stock dropping to 5 cents per share in March 2009.

Investors and fans of the movie claim "Stock Shock" has spurred a grassroots movement helping convince the Securities and Exchange Commission to enact and make permanent an emergency rule to ban abusive naked short-selling. The stock trades currently at 70 cents per share--still well off its high of 9 dollars.

The reviews of the remarkable movie have started coming in.

"Shocking and eye-opening!" says Jane Velez-Mitchell, Issues on CNN Headline News.

"It's an awakening. Academy Award...Stock Shock should get one," says radio host Jim Puplava of the Financial Sense Newshour.

Industry expert and shareholder activist Bud Burrell remarks: "I will give it 10 stars of 10. It is the best doc of this length I have ever seen. I think this will go into the defining literature of this space."

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