Fashion Community Plays Vital Role in Aid to Haiti Relief

Revealing Fashion Gets Involved and Makes Contributions to Yele Haiti Organization

New York, NY, February 22, 2010 --( Revealing Fashion gives contributions to Haiti relief through Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Organization.

Revealing Fashion has quickly responded to the Haiti earthquake crisis by donating to the Yele Haiti Organization. Because Haiti has suffered from high levels of poverty, disease, and lack of infrastructure and now a collapsed economy, Revealing Fashion wanted to get involved by donating money, clothing, and medical supplies.

Revealing Fashion's CEO/Chairman, Ramiah Fennell, wanted to get involved as he holds close ties to many Haitians. He says that "Haiti is a strong country that the world can learn from, even while dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic event such as an earthquake. Being hit with this devastating blow, the people of Haiti - their spirits, faith, and hope may be weakened - but they remain strong and will not be broken or lost! Haiti’s faith in humanity will move them forward as they rebuild their land and economy. Although Haiti isn’t known for financial riches, they are still rich in confidence, resiliency, and unity. All in all, I'm confident Haiti will survive, rebuild, and emerge from this recent tragedy."

In an effort to help with the earthquake disaster, Reveal Fashion will accept donations at future networking events with the next event held on February 27th, 2010 from 6PM to 10PM at the Sullivan Room in Soho, New York. Donations such as clothes, shoes, canned foods, boxed milk, sanitary items, water, and money will be made to the Baptist Haiti Missionary. Revealing Fashion holds close ties to the Baptist Haiti Missionary. The Baptist Haiti Missionary will be a vital role in delivering the goods to Haiti.


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