MS Awareness Week is March 8-14 - 101 Things Not to Say to Someone with MS

San Antonio, TX, February 27, 2010 --( Living with multiple sclerosis (MS) is very difficult even at the best of times. Surprisingly, one of the most challenging aspects facing MS sufferers is how misunderstood the disease is by the general public.

Professional life coach, author, and speaker Dee Kite, PhD has had MS for over 21 years. As a life coach, one of her specialties is helping adults with MS thrive, not just survive. A frequent frustration of Kite's clients is when well-meaning people say thoughtless or insensitive things that almost dismiss how bad MS really is for those with the disease.

For an upcoming book, Kite surveyed MS patients to find out what people should never say to those who suffer from MS. The responses ranged from angry to sad, but all of them were passionate.

Invite Kite to educate your audience and answer:
Why do some people with MS still look healthy?
Why is suggesting a simple nap to an MS patient a bad idea?
How can some suggestions cause more harm than good?
What should you never say to someone with MS?
What can someone say to comfort a person with MS?

Credentials: Dee Kite, PhD is a professional life coach, author, and speaker. Her latest book, What You're Putting Up With Is Holding You Back: 5 Steps to the Freedom You're Waiting For!, teaches people how to overcome the obstacles in life that keep them from the happiness and fulfillment they deserve. Kite is a regular speaker for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and is on the Board of Directors of the MS Center of South Texas. Her blog, Dancing with MS, offers comfort to those with MS in addition to providing the general public with an honest portrayal of living with this invisible illness. She is the author of the novel The Bloodless Stigmata, which is an exciting murder mystery that gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the experience of being a professional woman diagnosed with MS. Kite has been interviewed by the San Antonio Express-News, WLUV, and Dresser after Dark. She also speaks to groups across the country.

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