Equistar Debt Solutions - a New Website for Debt Reductions and Debt Settlements

Santa Ana, CA, March 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- With the economic crisis in this country, many people are dealing with the reality of debt, wondering if there is a solution. Some feel that bankruptcy is their only option, but a new website, Equistar Debt Solutions, is helping consumers with debt reductions and debt settlements. This new site is offering hope and a proven method of debt relief that lets consumers eliminate their debt quickly while saving money.

Debt settlement has become a popular method for solving debt problems, but most people find it a daunting prospect. Many struggle to pay the minimum on their debts as they continue to dig their way deeper into debt. Equistar Debt Solutions offers a way that this endless cycle of debt can be eliminated once and for all. They offer skilled negotiators to take care of the settlements for clients, providing an easy and fast way to finally become debt free.

The goal of Equistar is to give consumers professional care and advice on how they can eliminate their debts in a manner that is timely and cost effective. Their debt consultants are well trained and work to find strategies that are reasonable and options that will fit into every client’s budget.

The way debt settlement works with the company is that their consultants work with the creditors directly. They negotiate to lower the amount that needs to be paid and they also work to come up with a payment plan that is reasonable and practical for their clients.

Not only does this new website offer help with debt settlement, but they provide important information to their clients as well. Equistar Debt Solutions firmly believes in education, and teaches each client with information that will allow them to effectively manage their debt for life. Essentially they work to give clients the tools needed to ensure financial freedom for their future.

There are a variety of debts that Equistar Debt Solutions can help consumers settle. They work with unsecured loans, collections, medical bills, repossessed auto, credit cards, personal lines of credit, and personal loans that are unsecured. However, the company is not able to deal with debts that are secured, IRS debt, student loans, mortgages, and other government loans.

Consumers today are looking for affordable methods of debt settlement. They are tired of internet scams that leave them further in debt than before. As seen on CNN, Fox News, ESPN, and others, Equistar Debt Solutions offer solutions to consumers who are ready to get rid of debt and gain financial freedom.

To find out more about Equistar Debt Solutions and the debt solutions they have available, visit www.equistardebtsolutions.com for more information.

Equi Star Debt Solutions
Nick Lu