Girls in Action Expands Internationally to Guatemala

"Girls in Action" based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and founded by Dr. Verna Cornelia Price is expanding internationally to Guatemala to a girls program called “Asociacion de Superacion Educativa” where 100 girls and 20 women leaders will be impacted.

Minneapolis, MN, March 05, 2010 --( Two Part Event: Minneapolis and Guatemala City

# 1. International Mural

Minneapolis "Girls in Action" gathered on Saturday, February 20th to create half of a mural that will be hand carried to Guatemala on March 4th. Inspirational artists, Ms. VanderPol explains that "In their artwork, the girls may include such themes as: the unity of girls around the world; how to communicate their similarities and differences — growing pains and triumphs; how their individual journeys are similar throughout the world; how their different paths lead to the same goals of loving ourselves-knowing ourselves-forgiving ourselves."

Dr. Price states, “We are asking our girls in MPLS to explore the question of what does it mean to be a positive, powerful and purposeful women in your world. How can you use the leadership skills learned from the women in Girls in Action to explore your rights and create change in yourself, community, country and world? Our girls from Minneapolis Public Schools will begin the mural and our new girls in Guatemala will complete the painting."

#2. Training by Dr. Verna Price in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Saturday, March 6 thru Wednesday, March 9th
Dr. Verna Price will be hosted in Guatemala by Lucrecia de Godoy founder of “Asociacion de Superacion Educativa" - at the Barceló Hotel in Guatemala City

Visionary, Nancy Chakrin of Minnetonka has joined these two unique leaders together. Nancy states, "Both Dr. Price and Ms. Godoy are phenomenal, inspirational leaders and change agents. When I learned about each of their organizations and missions, I knew they had to meet. Now we have an upcoming international event for some 400 girls and their mentors in Guatemala City."

The book by Dr. Price " The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life" has been translated into Spanish and was shipped to Guatemala. In preparation for the trainings by Dr. Price, the books are now being read by all 100 girls of “Asociacion de Superacion Educativa" in Guatemala City who live in the largest very poor "slum" area. While in Guatemala, Dr. Price will Teach, Inspire and Empower girls and women to find and use their personal power to pursue education, and create change in their villages and communities through service-learning and leadership.

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