to Provide Live Stream of International UFO Summit in Mexico City

Open Minds Production will be presenting live streaming coverage of the International UFO Summit in Mexico City March 19-21st, 2010.

Tempe, AZ, March 18, 2010 --( Open Minds Production, LLC will be streaming live coverage of the Cumbre Mundial Ovni conference from Mexico City on March 19th – 21st of 2010. The conference at the World Trade Center will be host to over 18 international speakers presenting a wide variety of topics in the UFO field.

Open Minds will be the exclusive streaming provider for this conference. The event will be streamed live at in English and coverage will begin on Friday at 2:30 p.m. Central standard time. Tickets to watch all three days of the conference are only $29.95 and can be purchased through the Open Minds website.

Speakers for the event include Master of Ceremonies Jaime Maussan, Whitley Strieber, Nick Pope, Erich von Daniken, Haktan Akdogan and many more. UFO topics being covered include the UFO Phenomenon in the XXI Century, Exo-Politics and Declassification, Crop Circles: Communication Attempts in U.K.’s Crop Circles, Sightings in Italy, Mayas and 2012, The Awakening of Consciousness and the Metepec Creature.

Open Minds own, Antonio Huneeus will be presenting Friday March 19th on Global Perspective of the UFO Phenomenon in the XXI century. The lecture will cover a series of political, military and scientific issues related the UFO phenomenon, including: recent revelations by the Vatican on extraterrestrial life, the history of the UFO issue in the United Nations, ufological investigations by the French Space Agency, official studies in other countries and more.

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