Paramus Publisher: "Escape the Hezbollah" Wins CSP Fiction Book of the Year

Escape the Hezbollah, a romantic fiction thriller by Pola Muzyka, published by Trinity Matrix Publishing of Paramus, New Jersey, has been named the CSP Christian Book of the Year for 2010 in the fiction category.

Paramus, NJ, April 14, 2010 --( Escape The Hezbollah

The Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award promotes small publishers in the Christian marketplace and brings recognition to outstanding Christian books. The CSPA award encourages excellence in authorship and publishing and is the only award of it's type designed exclusively to bring attention to small publisher's Christian titles.

Escape the Hezbollah is a glorious story of how love can endure through the most cruel, hostile, and depraved environment imaginable. Abducted into the newly formed Hezbollah army, a young American Christian fights for his life, his freedom, and the woman he loves when he defies a brutal regime during one of the most difficult times in Middle East history. The hero of the story thinks his Maker has abandoned him and he questions God's very existence, ultimately doubting his own faith.

The author, Pola Muzyka, is a multi-disciplinarian who began her career as a dramatic actress. She is an accomplished award-winning TV, commercial and corporate writer and the founder of Christian Media Alliance. Escape the Hezbollah is her debut as a novelist and combines her talent as researcher and dramatic writer in this powerful and gripping story.

The Trinity Matrix publishing team is led by, Rev. Samuel Stone, a Presbyterian pastor and missionary. TrinityMatrix has a soft spot for the displaced children from Burma and part of the TrinityMatrix revenue goes to planting the seeds of faith, hope and the love of Jesus Christ in their hearts so that these children may cultivate fruitful lives.

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