Heroes for a Healthy Earth: Scientists, Engineers - and You

Austin, TX, November 26, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Being science literate means that you're thrilled when you see a NASA photo of a supernova, and you know you're seeing that distant star's explosion from 10 billion years ago; it means you're fascinated by mysterious sun storms and how they affect Earth's communications systems, electrical grids, and weather. It means you're aware of today's environmental issues, and you're ready to take individual action on behalf of the wildlife, plant life, and preservation of our planet.

We're scintillated by science because we're fascinated about the future - nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, electric cars, computer technology, and discoveries in health and aging.

We turn to science and engineering for solutions - to global warming, ocean and atmospheric pollution, and even psychology: why we behave the way we do and how, with the help of technology, we can change.

For instance:
--- Did you know that you can help keep your brain fit and your memory intact by cutting back on sugar, learning a new language or computer program, or playing word or number games?

--- Did you know that scientists right now are working on nano-robots that will enter your body and swim to an exact location to deposit medication, or even a tiny camera?

--- Did you know that because of astrophysicists' use of space telescopes, we have mapped the holes in the ozone layer - and we are predicting its complete healing by about 2056?

--- Do you know your carbon-neutral score?

Being science literate means that we live in the 21st century with ease, excitement, and hopeful anticipation. We know how technology works, and what we can do to keep the planet turning.

What they offer at Scintillating Science (www.ScintillatingScience.com) are articles and photos that keep you in the loop; specific ideas for a personal and healthy eco-friendly life; action items to ensure a thriving planet for our children and grandchildren; space and technology discoveries to awe, inspire, and delight.

You are invited to explore their website, www.ScintillatingScience.com, to learn, to marvel, and to be a part of our new, literate, global community.

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