Hindu Memorial Day to be Observed on Aug. 14th, Essay Competition Announced

Houston, TX, July 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Hindu Mahasabha of America (aka Hindu Congress of America) will sponsor the observance of Hindu Memorial Day on August 14th along with hosting its annual meeting on the same day in Houston, TX. An essay competition with three awards in the amounts of $1,000, $500 and $250 respectively for the top-three finalists was announced.

Mr. Dilip Mehta, the President of the Hindu Mahasabha of America, outlined the vision for the Hindu Memorial Day by stating that "Hindus the world over are being progressively desensitized to their uniquely debilitating historical experience, and that the Hindu Memorial Day observance would arrest the slide by jogging historical and civilizational collective memory." The significance of August 14th lies in the fact that this is the day back in 1947 when a large chunk of Hindu territory was handed over to the tormentors of the Hindu society without much of a fight.

Dr. Rudranath Talukdar, the moving spirit behind the essay competition, said that "the primary objective of this year's contest is to encourage young minds to enhance their knowledge and scholarship of political and socio-economic issues that affect Hindus as a global community, in addition to its presence in the United States as a distinct community." The first prize will be a $1,000 scholarship award in the name of Shri Dwijendranath Sanyal. Second prize will carry an amount of $500 in the name of Shri Hetram Mishra, which is dedicated to the suffering of indentured labor who were forcibly sent to faraway places by the British Empire. Third prize will carry an amount of $250 in the name of Shri Kanji Anderji Shah, which will be given to recognize philanthropists who sustain social work by making donations. Deadline for essay submission is August 8th. Students of any age or in any class are eligible for essay submission. All three winners will make a presentation at the award ceremony on August 14th in Houston, TX.

Mr. Dharminder Dargan, the program coordinator, stated that "American Hindus should be joining the mainstream politics in large numbers, in order to create and retain a unique place for Hinduism in America." The annual meeting of HMSA avails an opportunity for political activists and community workers to come together and deliberate the socio-political issues facing the community, and various challenges that lie ahead. Papers are invited from thinkers and activists who can outline a vision and translate that into action at the ground level. The two keynote speakers at the event will be Shri Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati, and a human rights activist from Kolkata, India, and Prof. Sachi G. Dastidar, Distinguished Service Professor, State University of New York, Author and Political Activist.

Hindu Mahasabha of America is a special purpose Hindu community organization that facilitates socio-political empowerment of American Hindus with historical experience as a backdrop. Additional information on the annual meeting and the essay competition can be obtained by calling 832-436-1619 or sending an email to: houston2010@hmsamerica.org. Detailed information on the Hindu Memorial Day and the Hindu Mahasabha of America is available from their respective websites - http://hindumemorialday.org and http://hmsamerica.org.

Hindu Mahasabha of America Inc.
Dilip Mehta