"Fear Ever After" to Be the Most Chilling Horror Film of the Decade

CarboFilms and Moving Pictures Productions has taken up the challenge to chill the viewer to the marrow. Not satisifed to turn out a cookie-cutter piece of pap, writter/directorGary Carbo realized that it takes true dedication from a cast and crew that feel as strongly about the art of creating horror as he does himself.

Hollywood, CA, December 18, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Over the last few decades, horror films have generally fallen into two categories: those with huge budgets and terrific special effects, and those with no budgets and terrible special effects.  Now when one has all kinds of money to throw at a project, even when the plot or story is mediocre, one can usually bring out a product that is watchable or even enjoyable.  Conversely, when one sufers under lack of funds, one tends to take shortcuts in order to stretch resources as far as possible.  In those instances, even the best story can fall woefully short of a quality product... turning a film from "horror" to "horrible."

Gary Carbo and Moving Pictures says that need not be so.  He refuses to cut corners on quality, simply to rush something to market "Too many film-makers are chasing the mighty dollar," says Carbo.  "Low budget should not mean low quality.  If you take the time to do it right... to create a piece of horror that touches the viewer in his gut... you'll have a film that has a viewer shivering in apprehension while being rivited to the edge of their seats."

Loosely based upon real events, "Fear Ever After" follows the last days of the members of an ill-fated film production cast and crew who in 2005 went missing when on a shoot.  Extrapolating known facts and incorporating lore from local legends, Carbo sends a shiver up our spines with his frightening explanation of how, where, and when the film production company vanished.  The "why" remains unanswered.

Carbo assembled a stellar cast to tell the tale, each bringing dimension and life to their character.  Notable among the cast are gifted newcomer Alexandra Goodman ("The Mafia Type") as Jessie Valencia, skilled actors Nicolas Read ("My Confession", "My Big Fat Independent Movie", "Deadly Stingers", "The Secret Celler", et al) as Chance Creighton, Kurt Sinclair ("Down The P.C.H.", "Aimée Price", "Haunted From Within", "Surviving In L.A.", et al) as Flank McNuts, Rachel Wittman ("The Genius Club", "Vampires At Midnight", "Mascara Diablo", "Limb From Limb", et al) as Heather, Jennifer Day (www.jenniferday.tv) as Roxanne, Michael Q. Schmidt ("The Three Trials", "Axegrinder", "A Happy Ending", "Naked Shadows", "Skeletons In The Closet", et al) as Billy Bob Barfield, and Hollie Overton ("Forgotten Pills", "White Men Can't Rap", et al) as Flan.

With the completion of filming, Moving Pictures is able to announce plans for a Spring 2007 release.  The film's trailer and further informations can be found at the film's website: http://FearEverAfter.net

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Gary Carbo