VSCHOOLZ Releases Affordable and Customizable K-12 Virtual Solution for the Homeschool Market

VSCHOOLZ enters the homeschool market

Jupiter, FL, August 06, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Now every Homeschool parent has the ability to create, modify, and enhance their child’s education. At an annual cost of less than $500 per year, VSCHOOLZ has made virtual Homeschool education affordable for everyone.

“We are excited about bringing the first customizable online Homeschool Classroom to the education market. We provide the platform, training and support so that you, the Parent-Teacher, can customize each and every class for your child. As a VSCHOOLZ certified Parent-Teacher, your classes can reflect your values and beliefs in your daily lessons,” said VSCHOOLZ President Steve Miller.

VSCHOOLZ is the preferred platform and core curriculum provider for the national online Catholic School System known as CSK12 Virtual. VSCHOOLZ is bringing this opportunity to Homeschool families to provide an online solution for parents and to extend opportunities to children who do not have religious education while attending public schools.

Through VSCHOOLZ Homeschool, parents log in and receive lesson plans for 180 days of instruction, including some assignments, tests and quizzes. Their child will log into VSCHOOLZ and attend a secure classroom, taught by their own Parent-Teacher. No more single source textbooks, no more trying to interpret state standards, no more teaching alone. VSCHOOLZ gives every parent the support and resources needed to start teaching immediately.

Miller went on to say, “Our vision for online Homeschooling for the 21st century includes creating virtual community Homeschools for families of similar faith and values.” VSCHOOLZ provides solutions to Public, Private, Catholic and Charter schools as well as homeschooled students worldwide. For more information please visit www.vschoolz.com or call 954-688-3438.

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