Helps Actors Save Money with the ActorRated Star Card, the industry's first rating and review site for acting related products and services, has launched the ActorRated Star Card. The discount card provides discounts on dozens of acting classes, headshot photographers, demo reels and more. In addition to over $4,000 in discounts, the Star Card provides members with advanced notice and registration for bi-monthly free casting director workshops. Helps Actors Save Money with the ActorRated Star Card
Los Angeles, CA, September 09, 2010 --( Launched in late August, the ActorRated Star Card program is a first of it's kind for actors, providing much needed discounts on products and services from top companies in the industry that actors are already using. “The struggling economy is really impacting already struggling actors, so we've leveraged our relationship with the top businesses in LA and NY to get them to offer some really amazing deals to our Star Card members,” said Michelle Luchese, marketing director of the site. “These are amazing deals. Headshots for $300 off, classes for $150 off. The card right now has over $4,000 worth of discounts in LA and NY, and we have plans to expand to other major cities in the next few months.”

Actors will be surprised to find that the new Star Card is about the price that they would pay for one workshop. At only $50 per year, Luchese says that the Star Card is positioned to really take the industry by storm. “We want this to be a no-brainer. Honestly, you get so many discounts for such a low price per year, it's almost irresponsible to not get the Star Card if you're a working actor, unless money isn't important to you of course. This will be big. We're going to help a lot of actors with this.” is one place on the Web where actors can share their opinions and knowledge on the best products and services in the entertainment industry. A community-led site where actors rate and post reviews on everything from headshot photographers, acting classes, workshops and more.

" is all about creating a community for actors to exchange ideas and reviews about the products and services they find helpful to their working in the industry. It is the go-to place for sharing opinions, reviews, and advice. There is nothing else like it on the Web,” says Johnathan Ruggiero, founder of the site.

Also providing links to essential industry and casting resources, publications, blogs, and social networking sites, serves as a lifeline to the acting world. It is fast becoming the industry standard for rating and reviewing actor-related products and services.

“We have over 600 registered companies in LA and NY alone that are currently asking their clients to come review them on the site. It's a win-win for actors and businesses alike,” Ruggiero explains. “Having such a close relationship with our businesses has allowed us some extra benefits as well, such as getting them to participate in our new Star Card program.”

ActorRated also recently launched a new workshop series, which provides actors with free workshops and seminars by some of Los Angeles's top casting directors, acting teachers and other inspirational speakers. Held at Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop in Hollywood, actors are taking advantage of the free knowledge that they are used to paying for.

Whether you're an actor setting foot in LA, New York, or other cities around the world for the first time and are looking for a great photographer for your headshots or a veteran performer willing to share your best advice about working in the business, provides you rating and reviews for products and services that you probably already use and a discount program to be able to afford them without breaking the bank. " will change the way business is done in Hollywood, at least from an actor's perspective," says Ruggiero.

About ( is the entertainment industry's only community-led review site for acting-related products and services. Founded in early 2010 by film producer/entrepreneur Johnathan Ruggiero, the site currently has over 600 business listings in both New York and LA. With actors posting new reviews and ratings everyday, truly represents the most current products and services that actors are talking about.

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