iPhone’s $18,000 eBay Buzz

Orem, UT, March 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- It’s been nearly two months since Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that “Apple is going to reinvent the phone,” and already eBay sales are bringing in more profits than Apple itself. 

Although the phones are not scheduled to be available until June of this year, iPhone sales on eBay have totaled more than $18,000 within the past month, according to research conducted by HammerTap. 

What’s selling? Buzz. $18,000 worth of buzz. 

“People are so excited about new and innovative product releases like the iPhone that sellers find any way they can to make a profit off that excitement,” says Jen Cano, spokesperson for HammerTap. “And according to the research, anything iPhone related sells for an average of $35.” 

Ranging from domain names and e-mail addresses to T-shirts and pictures, sellers are making an auction out of anything they can get their hands on. For example, the domain name “www.iphoneforcheap.com” had 11 bids and sold for $41. 

“Whatever is selling now is just a glimpse of what is to come,” says Cano. “Some sellers will make a lot of money on iPhone accessories after the phone is released.” 

Currently, Apple iPods and iPod accessories are some of the hottest selling products on eBay, selling for an average of $138 and $13.35 respectively. More information on the iPhone can be found at www.apple.com/iphone.

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Steve Nye