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A new book by Free Thinkers Media is a field guide to identifying political lies in real-time while exposing the end-to-end canards of the modern gun control movement.

Henderson, NV, May 01, 2011 --( A new book by Free Thinkers Media is a field guide to identifying political lies in real-time while exposing the end-to-end canards of the modern gun control movement.

“Guy Smith has made hamburger out of some sacred cows,” said Cheryl Mannix of Free Thinkers Media. “Shooting The Bull, Guy Smith’s new book, is a funny, intellectual blow-off to politicians, policy groups and everyone else who has conned the public about guns and crime.”

Shooting The Bull is foremost a study of propaganda analysis. The academic foreword by Brian Patrick, professor of communications and author of Rise of the Anti-Media, notes that Smith “Systematically guts gun control propaganda, including its elite celebrity propagandists,” and the gun control industry which he describes as “small, top-down propaganda centers run by professionals.”

Shooting The Bull is rife with humor as Smith reports and mocks those who have hoodwinked the public in their quest to eliminate private firearm ownership. “Dark subjects,” said Smith, “such as lying to people in order to filch their freedoms, requires wit and wisecracks. Otherwise exposing the orchestrated misinformation campaigns of the gun control industry would be mighty painful.”

Each of Shooting The Bull’s chapters is devoted to one major initiative of the gun control industry, be it mythical “assault weapons,” microstamping or doctors conducting criminological research. Smith names names, calling-out propaganda participants from California senators to New York mayors, and exposes their intentional misdeeds. All manifestations of misinformation are summarized in the book’s epilogue titled the Catalog of Canards.

“Smith’s analysis is precise due to his background on the issue,” said Mannix. “For nearly a dozen years, Smith has been the author and editor of Gun Facts (, a book that organizes, lists and debunks every major gun control deceit. His web site’s statistics show that Gun Facts is read in more than 160 countries, most frequently in Washington, D.C. Smith may be majorly responsible for the gun control industry’s lack of success in the past decade.”

The book has jacket endorsements by both Alan Gottlieb (head of the Second Amendment Foundation, an organization at the heart of recent major gun control court cases) and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root (author of The Conscience of a Libertarian).

Shooting The Bull goes on sale May 1, 2011. “We picked May Day just to annoy the socialists,” said Mannix. It is available at all major web retailers, in Barnes & Noble stores, and in eBook formats for Kindle, Apple and Nook.

About Guy Smith: Guy Smith is a San Francisco-based writer, political provocateur and the author of Gun Facts, a reference book for debunking gun control myths. Smith is a frequent contributor of op-ed pieces to major metropolitan newspapers, and is a popular guest on talk radio all over America. Smith has been an invited speaker at multiple Gun Rights Policy Conferences as well as the Libertarian Party national convention.

About Free Thinkers Media: Free Thinkers Media is a “new media” media company, born of the digital age and yet addicted to print. Free Thinkers Media excels at exploiting the intersections of both. Media is media, but making the most of every media type is a challenge. Free Thinkers Media remains open and open minded to all interesting and provocative projects. Free Thinkers Media hand-selects writers who can carry themselves in the same way that P.J. O'Rourke does, and how H.L. Mencken and Robert Heinlein did, but with a more attitude.

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