Real Estate Leads Industry Precedent Set - Owners Launch Weekly Podcast

Lancaster, PA, March 16, 2007 --(, a Lancaster, PA-based provider of real estate leads and services for real estate professionals, announces a weekly podcast with co-founders Rory Wilfong, Steve Young and Dave Conklin.

"This has never been done before in this industry," says Conklin.  "and we're very excited.  It will give us the opportunity to personally address issues concerning the real estate industry as well as questions and concerns with our product in a forum that will benefit everyone."

The 30-minute podcast will be available every Wednesday through's corporate website and will feature all 3 owners discussing news and trends in real estate as well as feedback from their own customer base.  "Real estate professionals are independent business owners," says Young, "Even if you're working for ReMax, Coldwell Banker or whoever, you're really working for yourself.  You get paid based on commissions you earn through home sales, and this podcast allows us to be business consultants for real estate professionals.  That will include addressing our customers' concerns and even cancellations."

Wilfong emphasizes that they, as owners, are in a unique position.  "Not every owner can do this," he says.  "and it's a tough industry for something like this.  Lead generation in general gets a bad rap because there's this unspoken expectation of immediate if a lead isn't ready to buy or sell within a very short time it's bad.   Whether it is a lead from an open house, your best friend or the internet, leads are all the same in that you just have to break the ice and cultivate a relationship with them."

"We will be sharing our own experiences and strategies that worked for us in real estate.  We've used our own product and been successful with it, so we can be accountable for it as users."

Listen to Rory, Steve and Dave's podcast at

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Mark Boyd