An Outlet for Hoarders - Beyond Their Front Door Treasured Memorabilia Turns Memories Into Gardens

Landscape designer helps hoarders and collectors create unique memory gardens with sentimental keepsakes of lost loved ones after the passing of her own son in 2003.

Greensboro, NC, August 10, 2011 --( Strolling through the eclectic grounds of Cornerstone Garden in Greensboro, NC, several patrons openly expressed to store owner Diana Gardner-Williams that many keepsakes of loved ones past were difficult to part with. Cornerstone Garden is designed by using non-conventional items or pieces not necessarily found in the landscape, creating unique outdoor scenes or vignettes.

Stressful events such as losing a loved one can lead to hoarding because one often associates certain objects with the lost loved one. Not letting go of “things” which may be viewed by others as unimportant, trivial, or even trash, is a physical way to “keep” the loved one who is no longer present. Popular television shows such as; Hoarding: Buried Alive and Hoarders have revealed the secret lives of those having difficulty in letting go of tangible objects after such events.

All are welcome to a free workshop in Greensboro, N.C. at Cornerstone Garden to discuss the art of incorporating keepsakes into homes and gardens with a designer’s eye. Workshop will begin at The Secret Tea Room (412 State Street) at 10 am Saturday September 3rd, 2011. Please call Diana for reservations at 336.392.4031. Individual questions can be answered after the tour.

Diana Gardner-Williams, store owner of Cornerstone Garden, is a professional landscape designer working under the name Diana Digs Dirt for the past 13 years. She began helping the community create memory gardens after the stillbirth of her son in 2003. “My family keepsakes are designed into my daily environment providing great comfort because of the emotional connections,” says Mrs. Gardner-Williams.

Cornerstone Garden by Diana Digs Dirt
Diana Gardner-Williams