"The Greater Reality: and the Evolution of Emotion," Provides Us with a New Theory of Creation

"The Greater Reality: and the Evolution of Emotion" by Don Brown is a new book that provides all of the big answers to the big questions about life. A self-help book that provides new information regarding the mechanics of the universe. Never has a book been published before that is so loaded with details about what started the big bang. "I think that all of us have wondered how the universe could come from nothing. It is complex, so I was very lucky to be able to figure it out." -Don Brown

Manchester, NH, December 08, 2011 --(PR.com)-- "The Greater Reality: and the Evolution of Emotion" is a new book from an independent author from the Manchester, New Hampshire area.

"In 2004 I sent out my manuscript only to be rejected by spiritual editors. They believed that the book would only sell to about 20,000 of the most spiritually advanced people. In other words I was being told that my book was too good to be published. The problem was that I was using terms that most people have never heard of. The manuscript sat in my desk drawer for a short while. A new editor, who prefers to remain anonymous, was determined to turn the book into an easier read. It took her two years of working with me to accomplish her goal. I was amazed at what she was able to do. It was as though instructions, as to how to build a microwave, became as easy as how to make microwave popcorn. Now anyone that can understand a great Wayne Dyer book, can eventual understand Creation from the Void. This is a big accomplishment because the issues of time and space can quickly become overwhelming." -Don Brown

"This book is the culmination of the world’s wisdom. The author’s contributions will allow us to see the 'big picture.' The 'big picture' is the greater reality that we live in. It is 'heaven on earth' with an illusion of chaos. This book, although challenging, is extremely rewarding. The first chapter, 'Starting Points,' introduces the reader to the concepts and by the final chapters readers will understand how the universe works and how it was created. The wealth of wisdom from spiritual practices, philosophy, psychology, religion, and quantum physics will bring great amounts of peace. This is the type of book that you will want to read more than twice." -Editor Elizabeth Summerville

The author Donald Granger Brown was born in 1960 and grew up in Wakefield and Andover Massachusetts. He was a bartender, silk screen printer, psychiatric nurse, and has spent the last twenty years working with children on ventilators. Don has four children and a granddaughter and lives happily in New Hampshire. He enjoys playing guitar, healthy cooking, chess, reading, outdoor activities, and sports.


Don Brown