Stroke Survivor Strikes it Big on Internet

A young Richmond, VA man's stroke, leaving him incapacitated, leads him to success in the end. Steve D'Andrea launches an internet business that addresses Self Improvement, Health, Wealth and Well Being.

Mechanicsville, VA, May 02, 2007 --( Need inspiration? Want to get as Wealthy/Healthy as you can? Need some help to get there?

Steve D'Andrea, a professional consumer products marketer for 20 years, became totally incapacitated on a winters day in January of 2005. At 43 years of age, Steve suffered a massive stroke, and awoke in a hospital bed, unable to move, speak, or see out of one eye. “I was devastated,” says Steve. “Needless to say, I saw no future for myself. I had allowed myself to get to the point where the almighty dollar was driving everything I did. And, of course, the appearance of a ruined life made that future look bleak indeed. I had experienced success as a consumer products marketer…but how could I do that now? I couldn't communicate, I couldn't even walk anymore.”

Steve had been working with a misguided dream, as he says. “I really didn't know what I wanted at all.” He says. “I just had expectations of success built on what I had experienced in my life so far.”

Then one day, Steve saw the DVD “The Secret,” and his world began to turn around completely. “I saw life in a whole new way. This is NOT just about 'the power of positive thinking'…although that obviously has a lot to do with it.” Steve's doctors saw a remarkable turnaround in his progress, and he suddenly made a “miraculous” recovery. In less than 3 months, he was back on his feet, and had near perfect vision, in both eyes. “I set my new goals, and decided that I was no longer an unfortunate soul,” says Steve. “I began to pursue my new life, forever grateful to the people who had helped me get back on my feet, namely, my incredible wife (Gayle), my family, Gayle's family…and a crew of Doctors, Nurses and Therapists who would not take “no” for an answer.” He also decided that he would no longer stress about following the dream that was an “acceptable” career choice by society's standards.

He started an internet-based business, and is now successfully focused on increasing his customer's sense of courage, strength, persistence, diligence, finances, and ultimately well-being. “These are the things that I believe are essential to TRUE WEALTH” says Steve. “I believe it is my calling to help others maximize their wealth, and thus, their happiness. I am there for all my clients, all the time. I will help them to identify, first, what they truly want, and, what their “roadblocks” are. Then, to find ways to get there. In most instances, scientifically.”

Steve is working on a book, “A Stroke of Luck,” in which he will chronicle his struggles with his focus on 'the wrong things,' namely stress and self destruction, and what it takes to recover. He intends the book to be available nationwide sometime in 2009. Keep an eye on

The launch of D'Andrea Wealth Enterprises, a company whose mission is to assist people in overcoming seemingly insurmountable roadblocks they encounter on the path to their dreams, takes place today. Layoffs, health problems, debt, breakups…. “We assist people to get back on the path to success, however one defines that….money, health, relationships…whatever they seek” says Steve. “We can help them get there.”

To join with Steve, and his quest for you to “get wealthy”, just go to , or or send Steve a message at and he will answer any questions for you.

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