New LifeCycle Products Offer Real Help for Seniors and Their Children

Two new products, LifeCycle Companion and Life Vault, help seniors stay secure and remain independent, as well as giving their children greater peace of mind, even when they’re separated by long distances.

New York, NY, March 14, 2012 --( It’s a story we’ve heard too many times. A parent or loved one has a heart attack, accident, or other life-threatening injury, is unable to contact anyone, and ends up in the hospital or, worse, dies before someone can reach them. And it’s a story Rob McCormickk was hearing from more and more of his friends.

That’s when he decided to create a unique solution to the problem. McCormickk, of LifeCycle Ltd ( and a baby boomer with aging parents of his own, has developed Companion, an innovative service that keeps in touch daily with clients to ensure their safety. If the client’s “companion” does not receive a reply at a specific time, the companion will automatically send a notice to family, friends, or neighbors asking them to check in on that person to make sure they are well.

“It’s been designed to help people enjoy life and be independent as long as possible,” says McCormickk. He also notes that the service is surprisingly affordable, less than $6.00 per month. “We wanted to price the system so anyone can afford it, especially people who are on fixed incomes,” he says.

The product has an interesting history. Remarkably, it was a direct offshoot of another practical product that McCormickk has also developed. Several years ago, he was working in a law office and had many clients asking for a better way to securely store information about valuable documents that might be needed in an emergency.

As a result of those conversations, he created another system called Life Vault, a unique, fully-encrypted, triple-secure virtual storage system where you can keep a variety of critical documents, including wills, powers-of-attorney, funeral home details, and safety deposit locations in one convenient location. The information is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection and can be retrieved by various family members quickly and easily, when they need it most.

Together, the two products offer practical solutions to two of the most common problems encountered by both aging seniors and their baby boomer children. “I think what these two valuable programs offer people is peace of mind,” says McCormickk. “We can’t always be there when someone needs assistance but, in many instances, Life Vault and LifeCycle Companion help us bridge the gap and take control of our family’s needs, even when we’re far away.”

Those are reassuring words for grown children with aging parents. And they answer a real need for seniors who want to remain independent but may require additional support systems to keep them safe.

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