Local Entrepreneur Seeks to Be the Next Internet Millionaire

Young internet enthusiast strives to be the Next Internet Millionaire, a web-based, reality series that's making big waves.

Portland, OR, May 24, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Portland resident, Gabe Alexander Killian, today announced his first round entry into the world's first Internet marketing reality show, The Next Millionaire. Seeking to secure a cast member seat in this groundbreaking series, Killian is pursuing a $25,000 cash prize and opportunity to tap into Internet wealth by partnering with Joel Comm, one of the Internet's leading marketers.

As a twelve-year Internet veteran and New York Times best-selling author, Joel Comm is the Donald Trump of the web. His vision for creating more Internet millionaires is reflected in this show which is set to air worldwise in the fall. While it is expected that hundreds of aspiring entreprenuers will audition for a coveted opportunity to be a contestant on this first-ever web reality show, Gabe Killian is confident that he will be a finalist.

A current Costco Wholesale employee, Killian has already seized the opportunity by auditioning for the show and uploading an audition video at Youtube.com, the popular video sharing web site.

"The Internet is the field in which anyone can play ball," says Killian, "and I am focused, willing and determined to do exactly what it takes to be the Next Internet Millionaire. I will give this everything I have and I hope my local friends will help support me in this effort by voting for me on The Next Internet Millionaire website at NextInternetMillionaire.com."

With the success of shows such as Survivor, The Apprentice and American Idol, there is no doubt that reality TV has become a dominant entertainment force. YouTube, Google video and numerous other video sites have demonstrated that the web is the new video delivery medium. The Next Internet Millionaire combines the best of the reality television with a new technology slant that will appeal to millions of viewers eager to embrace Internet-oriented entertainment. While focused on the opportunity to earn money online, this intense competition and fast-paced program will appeal to a broad audience seaking to view weekly serial entertainment at their leisure.

Killian seeks to be one of twelve contestants who will be brought on location for a two-week intensive experience and compeptition where they will learn the techniques and strategies of the Internet professionals who regularly earn millions of dollars onine every year. The next Internet Millionaire will feature guest teacher appearances by a dozen experts, including best-selling author Mark Joyner, Internet tycoon Armand Morin and copywriting legend Marlong Sanders. Killian is prepared to face new challenges each day that will put their newfound knowledge to the test.

The Next Internet Millionaire is a joint venture between InfoMedia, Inc and Deluge Films of Northern Colorado. InfoMedia, Inc. is a new media company based in Loveland, Colorado. Providing a twelve-year track record of building profitable Internet sites, InfoMedia leads the way in innovative, entertaining and educational uses of the Internet.

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