Put Maps and QR Codes on Your Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers with Free Business Card Software - SpringPublisher

New York, NY, March 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- SpringPublisher is a free and professional business cards design software that helps users to DIY their business cards, flyers, letterheads or other types of business materials in a few minutes. With the new version of SpringPublisher released, now users will be able to embed QR codes and google maps to their own business cards, flyers or letterheads.

"QR Code" - abbreviated from "quick response code" that can carry thousands of characters in a tiny area. vCard - A file standard for electronic business cards. With SpringPublisher, users will be able to insert a vCard formatted QR code that carries contact information (address, name, phone number, email address etc.) to business cards or other type of artworks. When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone scanner application, the contact information can be imported to his smartphone's contact list instantly. To embed QR code, just need to enter the main window of SpringPublisher, open the design file, and click "insert QR code" button, and the input the contact information, click OK, and that is, the QR code will appear on design. Users can resize and move it whatever they like. The QR code elements on SpringPublisher are vector elements that means users can enlarge them without loss any of quality.

Its not just QR code that can be inserted to artworks, with the new version of SpringPublisher, users will be able to embed Google Maps to business cards and other type of artworks. To insert the maps, just sample an insert QR code or other type of elements. Open the design file on SpringPublisher and click "Insert map" button, enter address, and adjust the position, zoom ratio of the map element and click OK button. Same as QR code users can adjust the position whatever they like. But please note, because the limitation from google makes the resolution of map elements limited in a fixed size, we don't recommend to enlarge the map element too much.
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