Total Multi-Lingual Search Engine Marketing Service Now Available

Stockholm, Sweden, May 27, 2007 --( The House of SEO provides a one-stop-shop for all Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services for English-speaking website owners worldwide to be able to talk to potential customers in their native language with translations into seven major European languages: Swedish, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Italian and Polish.

Gunnar Bergland, the owner and operator of the House of SEO, has announced the new Multi-lingual Search Engine Marketer. It gives website owners access to the best in search engine marketing techniques to raise the profile of their website, in eight different languages. The services that are offered include:

• Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Web Design
• Pay Per Click
• Price Comparison Advertising & Database
• Integration
• PPC Management
• ROI Tracking & Analysis
• Pay Per Call

All of the text used can be translated into any of the seven major European languages, to give clients the maximum amount of exposure for their websites; not just to English speaking customers. Good for companies with offices in other countries.

Gunnar Berglund, has been an Internet marketing specialist for over six years. He has written e-books and articles on website marketing and started a book on search engine optimisation.

His wealth of experience and knowledge has led to the creation of the Multi-lingual Search Engine Marketer.

This meets the huge demand for marketing solutions in various languages, other than English. It enables website owners to have identical websites, and marketing campaigns, in multiple European languages. This increases the audience that their campaign reaches, and enables potential customers to reach the site without having to understand English. Before now this was a largely ignored market, due to the dominance of websites created with the American market in mind.

Gunnar has carefully selected companies to compliment the services already offered by the House of SEO, to create the Meonit group. This provides a complete package that offers website owners with their most effective marketing tools.

“We started to be able to offer these services to other companies, and thru strategic partnerships we can help customers with Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC Management, ROI Tracking & Analysis, Pay Per Call, Consultancy and Web Design”.

The House of SEO can be accessed at
For further information about The Multi-lingual Search engine Marketer, and Meonit, contact:

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Gunnar Berglund