Save-A-Life Training Center to Distribute CPR Teddy, New Training Aide for Parents & Childcare Providers

CPR training center appointed distributor for new product to help parents and childcare providers learn and practice Infant and Child CPR and Choking Rescue skills.

Doylestown, PA, May 30, 2007 --( Joseph Paternostro, Director of Save-A-Life Training Center headquartered in Doylestown, announced today that the Center has recently been appointed Distributor of CPR Teddy, the newest, cutest aid to helping people gain confidence when it comes to dealing with a childhood breathing emergency.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), airway obstruction injury (choking) is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among infants under age one. In 2000, 160 children ages 14 years or younger died from an obstruction of the respiratory tract due to inhaled or ingested foreign bodies. Of these, 41% were caused by food items and 59% by nonfood objects (CDC, unpublished data). That’s why it is vital for parents, babysitters and others who care for children to not only take a full CPR and First Aid course, but to practice those skills on a regular basis.

CPR Teddy is a very special kind of teddy bear. Although he looks like a typical huggable, cuddly teddy bear, he has a very important job. Squeeze one of Teddy’s paws and voice prompts walk you through the correct procedures for Choking Rescue and Infant or Child CPR. You practice chest compressions by pressing on the bright red heart on Teddy’s chest as a metronome paces you. Teddy’s bowtie lights up green or red to tell you if you are doing the compressions correctly and his chest rises as you perform the rescue breathing.

So often, people will take a CPR class then, afterwards, they will find that they can’t remember the procedures. This leads to a lack of confidence and possible hesitation and delays that could have a devastating effect in a breathing emergency. According to Paternostro, “The whole purpose of CPR Teddy is to make it easy and fun to practice vital CPR and Choking Rescue steps and build the confidence to deal with an emergency. CPR Teddy is not a replacement for taking a CPR class. We strongly recommend that everyone take a CPR class from a certified instructor and keep current by taking annual renewal classes.”

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