California Author Releases New Book of Boggles, Musing, Rants, and Macksims

Author, Mack Mahoney is pleased to announce his new book of insights in to the world called "WHAT"? - Boggles - Musings - Rants – Macksims.

Newport Beach, CA, June 17, 2012 --( "WHAT"? - Boggles - Musings - Rants - Macksims is a collection of didactic and intellectually engaging essays. Mack keeps his provocateur tongue firmly in cheek throughout this composition of cathartically cranky social criticism. The book provides answers to the following questions:

· What are the significant differences between men and women?
· What is life really like on a nuclear submarine?
· What is the truth about the energy crises?
· Is there is a God?
· Are women more courteous than men?
· How does one accumulate great wealth?
· Who are the twelve people you won’t meet in Heaven?
· What are the biggest mistakes you can make?
· What’s the truth about body piercing?
· What can happen on a sidewalk?
· Are humans real?

This highly entertaining and delightful book has 41 of Mack's intriguing essays. It is full of insight and contains literally hundreds of witty “Macksims.”

Book Information:
"WHAT"? - Boggles - Musings - Rants - Macksims
Author: Mack Mahoney
Publisher: WAYOUTINK
ISBN: 978-1-61434-473-5
Pages: 301
Published: September 2011

About The Author
Vernon 'Mack' Mahoney Jr. was born and raised in Waco, Texas and currently lives in Newport Beach, California.

Mack is a retired U.S. Navy Chief who served on nuclear submarines. After the military, Mack became a salesman, manager and owner of marine retail dealerships in Southern California. He has also been the Vice President of Marketing for several new product development companies.

He was a columnist for various newspapers and magazines and for a number of years wrote and published boating books for marine dealers throughout the United States. He has written three fictional novels, a screenplay and three non-fiction books.

During the last twenty-two years he has created over 8,000 original greeting cards containing his artwork, photographs and poems. It is the worlds largest such collection. All of the photographs, artwork and poems on this site were created by Mack. Mack has a totally free website "" with no membership requirements, logins, or passwords required. Visitors can download excerpts from Mack's books, some of his essays, make their own free greeting cards, or send their own free E-cards.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at:

Mack Mahoney

"WHAT"? - Boggles - Musings - Rants – Macksims is available for purchase online through the author’s website,,, and other online retailers. Bookstores should contact Ingram for wholesale orders.
Mack Mahoney