Wealth Address to Make Man Financially Independent Virtually Live, Via the Web

Watch as the Co-owners of Wealth Address take "Average Joe" from novice to real estate investor on his way to financial freedom, in near real time via the internet.

San Antonio, TX, June 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The world of real estate investing is about to change. Starting Thursday, June 18, the popular creative real estate Web site, Wealth Address (www.wealthaddress.com) will launch a ground-breaking near real-time program online, the Wealth Address Millionaire Challenge. This new initiative will take creative real estate investing to the next level by bringing real-time reality to those already established in…or more importantly, those looking to break into the real estate community. Wealth Address has found their perfect protégé (Wes O’Neill), to participate in this opportunity, which is the first of its kind of this magnitude. O’Neill has a full-time job and no previous knowledge regarding the world of real estate investing. It is solely through the instruction found on Wealth Address that he will become an investor on the road to financial independence. The Wealth Address Millionaire Challenge will prove that if a novice like O’Neill can earn big money, simply by following the programs and products found at Wealth Address, anyone can.

Each day, visitors to the site can log on to Wealth Address, read Wes’ blog, watch his podcasts, see the daily videos of his adventures, watch his bank account grow and follow him step-by-step on his journey to earning big money. Better yet, they can mimic his actions and make a huge income right along with him. It is an incredible opportunity for anyone serious about making a name for themselves in the world of real estate investing and wealth building.

Wealth Address was a site created by two real estate entrepreneurs Mitch Stephen of San Antonio, Texas and Joe Ponce of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. With more than 25 years of experience and more than 1,500 real estate transactions between them, their goal for the Wealth Address Millionaire Challenge is to finally bring reality into the “late night infomercial” world of investing.

The pair launched the initiative in early 2007 with a challenge to all real estate investing gurus: “come online with us and help make an average guy a successful real estate investor.” Many investment gurus were intrigued by the idea. “Most people are tired of the hype and false promises offered by these folks peddling information in this field. If your ideas, books, and courses work, then come online with us and help this guy succeed,” said Stephen. “It should be downright interesting to watch. No one knows how this will turn out…but we all hope to be a bit smarter and help make a few more millionaires in the process,” said Ponce. To learn more about the Wealth Address Millionaire Challenge, visit http://www.wealthaddress.com.

Wes O'Neill