Independent Book Publisher, TSPG, Releases New Hip Hop Fantasy-Fiction Literary Series to Address Teen Illiteracy

Literary series has already amassed a following of several thousand Facebook fans…

Brooklyn, NY, August 09, 2012 --( Did you know that studies show the best way to increase teen literacy is to provide works of literature that offer relevance and lifestyle alignment?

Well, a new literary series entitled, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, looks to entertain while addressing the staggering rate of teen illiteracy Representing the first Hip Hop Fantasy-Fiction literary series, its author and creator, D.D. Turner, had identified the need for such a series when he realized how significant of a problem national teen illiteracy and dropout rates had grown.

The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend is intended to serve a teen to adult audience and is not exclusive to those who claim or support the culture of Hip Hop. Simply, its plot finds its basis set upon the universal and classic theme of Good vs. Evil but suggests a unique nature with the objective of its main character, Cris “Cipher” Ellison, whose adventurous life as Hip Hop’s savior is fortified by his wizard-like capabilities whilst going up against the persona of a dark sorcerer named, Roger “Feedback” Cromwell. The tone of relevance and lifestyle alignment finds itself present in the reflective nature of Cris’ life; a life that is very similar to today’s teenager in the way of fashion, music, interest, and entertainment.

The appeal to the reader, particularly the teenager, is the message of education being that which provides the basis for lifetime sustainability, and is done so using the cleverly interwoven examples of Cris’ willingness to always place education primary in his life, despite the obligations set forth by his magical, super-persona.

Parents are sure to find great value in knowing about this entertaining multi-installment literary series and its approach to dealing with the problem of teen illiteracy and listlessness. For more information about the series or its current installments, Paths of Grand Wizardry and Cipher and the Lost Relic of Pangea’s Core, visit
Turner Scribe Publishing Group
Marilyn Montano