J.M. Garlock Launches Fiction Website

Miami, FL, August 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- J.M. Garlock announced the launching of his fiction website www.actionmysteries.com today. The site will comprise two projected series: “The Centurion Chronicles” and “Death in the....” The Centurion series is ancient Roman military history while the Death series is modern crime.

“The Centurion Chronicles” will feature Centurion Sextius Publius Baculus who recounts his many years of service in the army of Julius Caesar that invaded Gaul in 58BC.

“Sextius Baculus is the only Centurion Caesar mentioned by name in his book “The Conquest of Gaul,” said J.M. “Caesar obviously knew him. But what was their relationship beyond commander and subordinate? How did they interact and under what circumstances? These are the questions I posed for myself. The other characters in the book such as Caesar's Generals, Tribunes, the Gallic leaders and the particulars of specific battles are historical facts. The book is a blending of the two elements. Naturally dialogue had to be invented and I also added several supporting characters.” The series is projected to be 10 books.

“Death in the...” is a contemporary crime series. The Everglades is the backdrop for the first book “Death in the 'Glades.” “My lead character is Karan Karew a female, African-American Iraqi war veteran accompanied by her dog Rufus, an attack trained Rottweiler,” said J.M. “I wanted to create intricate problems for her so I also created a melange of assorted villains. Double and triple crosses abound. All of the characters have their own agenda and through circumstances beyond their control they all come together with explosive, violent and totally unexpected results.”

J.M. Garlock has written extensively for national magazines on a variety of subjects. His latest nonfiction book is “Killer Gators and Crocs” (Dover Press.)

For more information on “The Centurion Chronicles” and “Death in the 'Glades” or to purchase them visit www.actionmysteries.com, or email actionmysteries@actionmysteries.com. The $2.99 books are also available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).
J.M. Garlock