Vampires and Combine for a Captivating Storyline in Near Dracula’s Castle

Author, Patrick Vaitus is pleased to announce the promotion of his vampire novel, Near Dracula’s Castle.

New York, NY, August 29, 2012 --( Near Dracula’s Castle follows a pop star as she delves into the world of magic, vampires and the Dracula. After accepting an invitation to Romania to study with witches, Laura Williams discovers that she is the reincarnated soul of Dracula’s wife. With her startling discovery comes great responsibility, as she becomes the only chance the world has to steer clear of an evil vampire prince.

Book Synopsis:
Laura Williams believes in the magic of song. She’s a famous Canadian pop singer, and she feels most alive onstage. There’s something otherworldly about being beneath the bright lights in front of an adoring audience. It truly is magical—as is her newly received invitation to study with a coven of witches in Romania. Laura is skeptical, but that doesn’t mean she turns down their offer; soon, she’s on a plane crossing the sea. Her teachers believe Laura to be a gifted witch. As she performs her first incantations, their beliefs are solidified by her uncanny natural ability. Laura’s teachers are impressed, but they are also concerned. Their new pupil seems to fit very well in Romania, and her magic is very powerful. Perhaps she was Romanian in a past life; perhaps she lived and died on foreign soil. It becomes apparent Laura does have a very real connection to Romania. It appears she is the reincarnated soul of Dracula’s wife, and her presence in his home country awakens something bloodthirsty from the hallowed ground. Not even the skilled Romanian witches can quench the thirst of this monster, and soon Laura must use every ounce of skill to save the world from an evil vampire prince.

Book Information:
Near Dracula's Castle
Author: Patrick Vaitus
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1462034338
Pages: 348
Published: August 2011

About The Author
Patrick Vaitus is a native Romanian and he now lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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