Local Businesses Able to Benefit from New Local Search (and Cell Phone) Capabilities

Gone are the days when a local business must compete with all of the businesses on the whole Internet for business leads and sales in their given industry, or area of expertise. Gone too is the need for a business owner to fork out money for advertising all over the web when their primary aim is to gain local-area business in their own backyard. Today, “Local Search” Marketing is where it’s at.

Fort Walton Beach, FL, July 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Now Every Business Owner Benefits: Harness the Power of “Local Search” Marketing on the Web, and Via All Those Cell Phones

All Business Is Local
Internet consultant ECE-WEB.com this week launched its new ECE-LocalBuzz Service, which in one convenient, affordable package enables businesses to take advantage of the relatively-new advances in local search on the Internet – in order to drive more local customers to their place of business. ECE-LocalBuzz also allows businesses to benefit from Google’s new Local Voice Search, making any business’ local contact information instantly accessible not just to prospects searching the Internet, but also to those wishing to find a particular product or service via their mobile phone, in any specified geographic area of the country. ECE-LocalBuzz works to attract local area residents and visitors alike.

What Is Local Search?
Wikipedia.com defines “local search” as “a query that uses a special type of search engine that includes not only information about "what" the site visitor is searching for (such as keywords, a business category, or the name of a consumer product) but also "where" information, such as a street address, city name, postal code, or geographical coordinates like latitude and longitude. Google Maps (formerly Google Local) looks for physical addresses mentioned in regular web pages. It provides these results to visitors, along with business listings and maps. Other prominent local search engines connected to major web search portals include Windows Live Local, Yahoo!Local, and ask.com’s AskCity, as well as TrueLocal and Local.com.”

Just two years ago, Internet experts estimated that local search advertising would mushroom to over $1.8 billion in ad dollars spent per year. Their estimates were way too low. Because of the effectiveness of local search, the low cost, and the ability to specifically target a given area, local search advertising is now projected at $7.7 billion by the end of this year (Borrell Associates). Local Search Marketing is clearly an area that any business, including small local businesses, need to investigate.

How Text Messaging Fits In
In addition, as virtually anyone can witness, the use of SMS (Short Message Service) tecnhology, commonly referred to as text messaging, to retrieve business information continues to grow. According to the latest statistics, there are currently 236,000,000 cell phone users in the U.S. (76% penetration). And, for example, during the first six months of 2006, the number of subscribers to two-way SMS (text messaging) grew by 88%.

For two years, ECE-WEB has been researching, assessing, and compiling emerging local search options and SMS opportunities, and now has brought together the best offerings into one convenient package for businesses. Many business owners and entrepreneurs are not sure where to start, how to evaluate all of the options, and don’t have the time to sign up for, organize, and benefit from these new local search capabilities. ECE-LocalBuzz saves business people the time and money associated with going out on the web on their own, and arranging and paying for each of the web-based local advertising vehicles included in the Package.

Convenient and Affordable: Based on Solid SEO Principles
The basic ECE-Local Buzz Package, which puts over 50 local web-based advertising vehicles to work on behalf of a local business, is less expensive than older, less-flexible forms of local print advertising, like local newspaper ads or local yellow pages. Local Search listings on the web also have the advantage of being able to be changed throughout the year, as business information or services are periodically altered and improved to better meet customer needs. The ECE-LocalBuzz Service, customized to a specific local business and business marketplace, costs a total of $599. This is equivalent to what just two print newspaper ads, or to what a mere month of local yellow pages advertising, is likely to cost in an averaged-sized U.S. city. And, web-based local search listings stay up 24/7/365, for good; there is no additional, required, annual investment.

Learn More Online
Any business in any geographic can benefit from the ECE- LocalBuzz Service. To find out more about local search, and/or to sign up for the Package using a credit card, visit http://www.ece-localbuzz.info.

About ECE-WEB.com: Launched in 2005, ECE-WEB is one of the leading, hands-on Integrated Marketing Consulting firms on the web. In addition to their new ECE-Local Buzz Service, they provide customized e-commerce planning; web and SEO marketing, web copywriting, blog content, and online public relations services. The company’s blog, ECE WEB Marketing Incites (http://www.ece-blog.com), offers daily insights and commentary into the latest marketing trends that are inciting people all across the web. For more information, call 850-368-4636, or visit: http://www.ece-web.com.

Susan Kay Thompson