Artist Celebrates the America of Her Family in Canvas

Artist Pola Muzyka created a tribute to what America means to her family in the sculptured canvas “For Which It Stands.” It’s a tribute to the Fourth of July and 9/11.

Waleska, GA, July 04, 2007 --( Pola Muzyka’s grandparents came to the United States through Ellis Island in New York as did multitudes of immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. Her Grandpa was a professor in Russia, but when turmoil began and before the iron curtain went up, the conflict there made life almost unbearable. America was the land of opportunity and her Grandpa knew the United States was where he needed to be. So, he packed his bags, and soon after arrival Muzyka’s Grandpa opened a butcher shop in North East PA where many of the Slovaks settled.

A few years later, Muzyka’s Grandpa married her Grandma. They opened a catering business and small hotel where they raised five children. Four of them were boys. Grandpa became very involved in the community and held the social events for all the political rallies.

In the 1940s, every eligible man in the United States served his country, and Muzyka’s Dad was going to be no exception. In fact, her Dad was proud to serve, because Grandpa made sure he knew the value of living in America. Just before leaving battle, her Dad met and married her mother. Since her father was so proud of being born in America, they were married the day before the Fourth of July. Now every year they have a party on the Fourth of July to celebrate their love and their country.

In her sculptured canvas, “For Which It Stands” Muzyka encompasses all that America means to her. With strongly painted stars and stripes over a sculptured flag, this piece graphically portrays Muzyka’s love for her country and her family. After the events of 9/11, Muzyka wanted to express all that she was taught, by her family, about what America is about.

Muzyka says of this piece, “For Which It Stands is a precise dimensional representation of the US flag recreated boldly after 9/11 to proclaim what our country really stands for.”

Sculptured Canvas is simply canvas formed on canvas using acrylic medium and gold leaf. It is sublimely suggestive of a modern version of old Renaissance Europe. Each piece takes weeks to create. The intriguing designs of these multi level paintings give the impression of space and time. The sculptured canvas medium produces pieces that evoke great emotion.

This piece, and other Muzyka works can be seen at Pola Muzyka’s online gallery at

Pola Muzyka
Darrell A. Williams