Clinical Trial Shows 100% Increase in Skin Moisture

New skin care line being distributed by Glorify Enterprises Inc. has shown a 100% increase in skin moisture in only eight weeks. Results are attributed to ‘hunza water’ developed in Japan.

Durham, NC, July 05, 2007 --( Glorify Enterprises Inc. has announced that they will showcase their preservative-free skin care line beginning in North Carolina this month.

Zachary C. Thompson, CEO of Glorify Enterprises Inc. says, “We are pleased to be able to offer this skin care line of unprecedented quality to our customers in North America, Japan, & Australia. Based on the 3rd party test results – we are optimistic that the skin care line we be a huge hit with not only consumers but also professionals in the beauty sector.”

The clinical test that Thompson referenced showed a 100% increase in skin moisture, 96% decrease in skin roughness, and a 32% decrease in face lines and wrinkles. The clinical test was done by Stephens and Associates, of Carrollton, Texas over an eight week duration. Additionally this water-based skin care line is free of any preservatives or parabens. However unlike other preservative-free skin care products, this line does not require refrigeration because the water has been filtered through lava rock which sterilizes the water so bacteria can’t grow in the finished skin care products. As a result of being filtered through the lava rock the ‘hunza water’ is enriched with antioxidants which protect your skin. Mr. Thompson credits the unprecedented test results to the presence of the ‘hunza water’ coupled with the absence of preservatives in the skin care products.

Pointing out that the Canadian government banned many petroleum derived, carcinogenic skin care products from the market earlier this year, Mr. Thompson says, “The timing for our company to bring this product to market could not have been any better for consumers that are searching for a safe, yet effective skin care line”. Many respected professionals in the skin care industry agree.

One of the more prominent that currently endorses the skin care line, is Muhsinah Ali of Durham, NC. Mrs. Ali, a graduate of the esteemed Wilford Academy in New York, is one of the leading experts in North Carolina on skin care. Mrs. Ali is an internationally-known cosmetologist & esthetician, as well as a speaker at the 2007 North Carolina Cosmetology convention, and a past member of the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Examiners. After using this skin care line in her practice, Mrs. Ali reports that product firms and tightens loose skin remarkably well. Mrs. Ali also uses the skin care line on her face.

Mrs. Ali will be available at the Glorify Enterprises Inc product showcase in Durham, NC to answer questions about the skin care line. The event is open to both the general public and professionals in the cosmetic industry. The showcase begins at 12:15pm on Saturday, July 7th at the Grand Lodge Building in Durham, NC. A world leader in the online glyconutritional sector, Glorify Enterprises Inc will also showcase some of their wellness products at the event.

Glorify Enterprises Inc.
Zachary C. Thompson