Releases TUT V4, the Latest and Most Comprehensive Upgrade of Their PC Diagnostics and Tuning Program

A Tasks & Startups Manager which, thanks to included recommendations on about every Windows background task, empowers any user to streamline their PC for speed and long term stability. Features a clear and instantly understandable presentation using down-to-earth language that all users will understand whatever their level of technical competence (

London, United Kingdom, July 11, 2007 --( have released TUT V4, the latest and most comprehensive upgrade of their top selling, award winning, PC diagnostics and tuning program TUT (The Ultimate Troubleshooter).

While many products were being described as 'Vista Ready' long before Microsoft had come up with the finished version, AnswersThatWork decided to wait until it was in the stores before finding out what made it tick. Consequently TUT has all the background processes and services you will find in the version of Vista that you upgraded to or bought with your new PC. All with the plain language, no-nonsense descriptions and recommendations that AnswersThatWork have become famous for. Unlike their competitors they test every process before including it in TUT's ever expanding database.

The redesigned interface and colour scheme makes the new TUT even easier to use than before. Information is presented clearly and boldly, and the scores of added tooltips mean that even the most inexperienced user can confidently make decisions as to what they do, or don't, want running on their PC.

Now no matter what version of Windows you have, you can recover megabytes of memory by shutting down unwanted or uneccessary Tasks, Starups and Services, and regularly reclaim huge amounts of disk space with TUT's one-click Housekeeping system.

You can print a list of every piece of hardware and software that makes up your PC. Techies can troubleshoot networks and you can find out who owns that website you are about to do business with.

Unidentified tasks can be emailed to AnswersThatWork with a single click where they will be researched and added to the next update. Updates happen at least twice a month.

TUT will help your PC start faster and run faster so that you can get more work done or spend less time doing it. It's your choice.


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The Ultimate Troubleshooter was developed from AnswersThatWork's famous Task List pages which have been used as an online resource for Windows Management courses by HP and CNet. was voted a PC Magazine Classic Site in 2004 and 2005.
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